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Power Women in the Industry


Emily Lichter
Lenore Kinder
Marissa R. Moss (Moderator)

Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023
3:30 - 4:30 PM

Dos Olas

Senior VP of Wasserman Music, Lenore Kinder, and Emily Lichter, manager of Public Emily, in a candid discussion with author and journalist Marissa R. Moss on the importance of self-care and artist wellness. From kicking down doors to be seen and heard, to advocating for mental and emotional well-being, this session is a must-attend for all those in the music industry looking to support the health and success of artists. Gain valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the industry with mindfulness and self-care at the forefront.


The key element of Park City Song Summit are Summit Labs — discussions that dissect, illuminate, and interrogate the art of music and songwriting. They create an environment of inclusivity that promotes discussion of mental health, substance recovery, representation, and social equity in addition to all things music. A diverse group of artists will lead talks on their own while others will work with subject experts.

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