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Heal America


Harold Owens
Antong Lucky
Holly G (Moderator)

Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023
12:00-1:00 PM

Pendry Room

Holly G, the co-creator of Black Opry Revue, and Anong Lucky, President & CEO of Urban Specialists, discuss how each of their work is helping to bridge divides and create unity in our communities.

At an early age, Lucky was embroiled in a life of crime that ultimately landed him in prison. Antong denounced his gang affiliation, and subsequently began working to unite the rival gangs. Upon release from prison, Antong met Omar Jahwar and he has spent the last twenty-two years working to end violence and build sustainable communities. Black Opry is home for Black artists, fans and industry professionals working in country, Americana, blues, and folk music. While country and roots music have been made and loved by Black people since their conception, for just as long, they ave been overlooked and disregarded in the genre. Black Opry is changing that. The two have unique and personal insights on ways to get creative around issues in our society and how music connects all of us.

Summit Labs

The key element of Park City Song Summit are Summit Labs — discussions that dissect, illuminate, and interrogate the art of music and songwriting. They create an environment of inclusivity that promotes discussion of mental health, substance recovery, representation, and social equity in addition to all things music. A diverse group of artists will lead talks on their own while others will work with subject experts.

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