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SAVE THE DATE! Song Summit is August 15-17, 2024

Body Electric Yoga


Tommy Rosen

Friday 9:00 - 10:30 AM

Zen Room

Ground in your physical body, your soul’s vehicle for this lifetime, where all sensation is felt and freedom can be attained. This body is a miracle, trillions of cells powered by consciousness itself. It is a wonderland; we will explore it through vinyasa, kriya, pranayama, song and dance. The body electric is your bliss wake-up call for 2023 No cell will be left behind.

This is a unique opportunity to practice yoga with Tommy, a world-class yoga teacher who has toured with bands worldwide and understands the musician’s plight at a deep level.

All levels welcome. Yoga mats will be provided.

Instagram: @tommyrosen and @recovery2point0
YouTube: @Recovery20
Facebook: @tommyrosenofficial

Wellness Activities

Park City Song Summit goes beyond an intimate music experience. It’s also about mental health, wellness and addiction recovery. Artists and guests can take part in recovery hangs, yoga sessions, hiking, biking, afternoon re-centering, and many other wellness activities.

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