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Unleash Your Inner Divine DJ: Alchemy and the Healing Power of Music


Leta Herman (Moderator)

Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023
11:00 - 12:30 PM

Pendry Room

Are you ready to tap into the healing energy and vibrations of music that surround us? Discover your own musical Divine DJ and a deeper understanding of the powerful vibrational energy that moves through us and inspires our spirits. Join Alchemical healer Leta Herman as she introduces you to the Five Elements of music and shows you how to tune in to your own energetic relationship with music. Whether you're a musician or just a music lover, you can access this ancient vibrational philosophy to deepen your connection to music and experience greater health and well-being through Alchemy.

Explore the driving beats of Wood/Marching music, the catchy rhythms of Fire/Boppy tunes, the relentless Earth/Rhythmical beats, the introspective tones of Metal/Downward music, and the irregular syncopation of Water/Variable tunes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to start your own alchemical journey through music and unleash your inner Divine DJ!


The key element of Park City Song Summit are Summit Labs — discussions that dissect, illuminate, and interrogate the art of music and songwriting. They create an environment of inclusivity that promotes discussion of mental health, substance recovery, representation, and social equity in addition to all things music. A diverse group of artists will lead talks on their own while others will work with subject experts.

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