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SAVE THE DATE! Song Summit is August 15-17, 2024

Your Elemental Stack-Up


Chinese Medicine Practitioner Leta Herman and Alchemical Life Strategist Jaye McElroy

20 min. energetic temperament analysis, pre-schedule through the Wellness Lounge

Zen Room

Walk (and talk) with Leta and Jaye as they observe how you move through time and space. They will help you discover and understand your Energetic Nature. Then, for fun—they can compare your Energetic “stack-up” to your music. Not only do you have a primary energy type (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water), but you have your unique mix of energies in your “stack-up.” Does your music match your specific blend of Elemental energies? Are the band members and producers you’re working with influencing your music? What do your fans want more of? Discover how you move through the world elementally, energetically, and vibrationally!

Wellness Activities

Park City Song Summit goes beyond an intimate music experience. It’s also about mental health, wellness and addiction recovery. Artists and guests can take part in recovery hangs, yoga sessions, hiking, biking, afternoon re-centering, and many other wellness activities.

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