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SAVE THE DATE! Song Summit is August 15-17, 2024

Stage One of Alchemy Treatments


Alchemical Chinese Medicine Practitioner Leta Herman

60-minute private session, pre-schedule through the Wellness Lounge

Zen Room

Experience Alchemy with Leta Herman and walk the road of growth and expansion that the ancient Alchemists designed to ensure you can offer the best of yourself to the world.

This can be the first step into breaking free from your self-imposed constraints, tapping into hidden reserves of energy and potential, and unleashing the authentic you with total self-acceptance. The Nine Stages of Alchemy is a centuries-old practice of cultivating yourself into becoming your full potential.

Wellness Activities

Park City Song Summit goes beyond an intimate music experience. It’s also about mental health, wellness and addiction recovery. Artists and guests can take part in recovery hangs, yoga sessions, hiking, biking, afternoon re-centering, and many other wellness activities.

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