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Morgan Snow - Free Local Songwriter Performance


Morgan Snow

Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023
5:30 - 6:30 PM

Forum Stage

This Local Songwriter Performance is a free show.

Morgan Snow is an American country singer-songwriter living in the modern age but raised in a high desert city nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

He uses these life lessons, hand-eye coordination, and sensibility to write songs reflecting his perceptions and experiences. His voice will sound familiar, yet haunting and powerful and with no comparison to pinpoint. It is the one thing you won’t forget. Some of his songs hurt, some make you laugh at him or yourself, but what is shared from night to night after the show is a connection, a new relationship waiting to be revisited and rekindled time and time again.

Morgan Snow plays solo and is also the current lead singer-songwriter for the country-rock band Triggers & Slips.

Live Shows

Live Shows will take place at the Canyons Village Amphitheater, the Forum Stage, and exclusive venues on Main Street Park City: O.P. Rockwell and The Cabin. Individual tickets are available for you to enjoy unique lineups and collaborations that are not to be missed!

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