The Park City Song Summit Story

The Park City Song Summit redefines the live music experience. By design it creates an environment for musicians to share, learn and recharge their passion for music through community and the power of song.

Over the course of four days in September, the Song Summit combines the singer-songwriter format of an Unplugged platform with a MasterClass style of information exchange through Labs. This atmosphere for connection between musician and audience reimagines the idea of playing to a crowd and focuses on sharing and exploring the full spectrum of songwriting and creating music.

Song Summit is not a music festival. But, just because it is not a “festival”, doesn’t mean there won’t be live music performances. Bands and artists will play intimate shows, share stories at songwriter in the rounds and perform small and big stage concerts.

Artist Experience

The Song Summit allows musicians to share their craft and expertise with peers, fans and leading industry experts. In addition to exchanging insights, history and learnings, artists will play together in intimate settings with each other and/or small audiences. Each artist is considered “in-residence” in a retreat setting with the intention of informing, resetting and recharging.


The Labs program is what makes Song Summit is built on and what makes it unique. These discussions will dissect, illuminate and interrogate the art and craft of songwriting. Some artists will lead talks on their own while others will work with subject experts.


Adia Victoria / Alison Mosshart / Anders Osborne / Andrew Bird & Jimbo Mathus / Ben Jaffe / Bonny Light Horseman / Brad Walker / Cedric Burnside / Celisse / Chad Cromwell / Craig Finn & The Uptown Controllers / Daniel Donato / David Ramirez / Devon Gilfillian / Dopey / Father John Misty / Fred Armisen / Fruit Bats / Gary Clark Jr. / Iron & Wine / Ivan Neville / Jason Isbell / Jay Blakesberg / Jay Sweet / Joe Pug / John Craigie  / John Doe / Jonathan Russell of The Head And The Heart / Jonathan Wilson / Josh Kelley / Josh Ritter / Joy Oladokun / Kamasi Washington / Keller Williams’ Grateful Gospel  / Langhorne Slim / Leslie Jordan / Lori McKenna / Lucius / Mark Borden / Mavis Staples / Mike Dillon / Natalie Hemby / Preservation Hall Jazz Band / Reyna Roberts / Rich Roll / Rising Appalachia / Rob Bleetstein / Ryan Bingham / Shaun White / Tank and the Bangas / Tré Burt

2021 LABS

“Paintings, Polaroids, and Publishing”

Alison Mosshart / Mark Borden

An intimate conversation with The Kills singer Allison Mosshart about her love of painting and finding creative and complementary flow in multiple mediums.


“Balancing The Mix”

Rich Roll / Jason Isbell

Rich Roll talks to Jason Isbell about the physical toll of touring, finding inspiration in the shower (and mirror), the rigor of practice, and how to find—and keep—the balance.


“The Spirit Moves”

Dopey Live / Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim live on the Dopey Podcast discusses writing, struggling to write, quitting booze, numbing creativity with pills, and how isolation helped him find his breath and a new prolificacy.


“Ends of the Spectrum “

Eric D. Johnson / Celisse

Eric D. Johnson and Celisse talk with Jay Sweet about bending the prism of country, the blues and the Big Sur sound to find common ground in hidden spaces.


“Tankomatopoeia” (Or When A Poem Is and Isn’t A Song)

Tarriona Tank Ball / John Doe / Josh Ritter

Tarriona Ball of Tank and the Bangas talks poetry, reads from her new book and is joined by fellow musician/authors John Doe and Josh Ritter.


“That’s The Way the World Goes Round”

Jason Isbell / Tré Burt

Jason Isbell and Tré Burt talk with Jay Sweet about the lessons John Prine left behind from social equality, humor and keeping your soul and sound intact while navigating Nashville.

“Tremolo, Reverb and the Silence Between”

Eric D. Johnson / Devon Gilfillian

Eric D. Johnson and Devon Gilfillian talk to Adia Victoria about the instruments they own, the sounds they get from them, and the forever search for notes and key.


“Lyric Alchemy”

Lori McKenna / Natalie Hemby / Jonathan Russel / Sam Beam

Lori McKenna, Natalie Hemby, Jonathan Russell of The Head And The Heart and Sam Beam of Iron & Wine talk with Rob Bleetstein about mystical and practical approaches to writing songs.


“The Custodians”

Jay Sweet / Ben Jaffe

Jay Sweet and Ben Jaffe discuss the extraordinary honor and pressure of keeping two cultural institutions — Newport and Preservation Hall — thriving in the national consciousness.


“Swampy, Slow-Burning, Furious and Feral”

Adia Victoria / Joe Pug

Adia Victoria talks to Joe Pug about her unique approach to songwriting and how she expresses herself in-studio and on stage.


“Folk Me. Folk You. Folk it All.”

Andrew Bird / Jimbo Mathus / Cedric Burnside

Andrew Bird, Jimbo Mathus, and Cedric Burnside talk to Adia Victoria about the heart of folk, the soul of Memphis and taking over for your dad on drums.


“Bleeding Hearts and the Devil’s Knee”

Tré Burt / Joe Pug

Joe Pug talks with Tré Burt about the duty of the American songwriter, what haunts him, and capturing history in a song.


“All is Fair in Love and Songwriting”

Joe Pug / Lori McKenna / Natalie Hemby

Lori McKenna and Natalie Hemby talk to Joe Pug about favorite songs, heroes and how to make it as a working songwriter.


“Bloodless Battles and Connecting in the Disconnect”

Fred Armisen / Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird talks with Fred Armisen about drummin’, fiddlin’ and gigglin’.

“If My Words Did Glow”

Rob Bleetstein / Jay Sweet / Lucius / Eric D. Johnson / Jonathan Wilson / Josh Kaufman

Songs penned by Robert Hunter, lyricist for the Grateful Dead, are sung at graduations and funerals, around campfires, and in front of the biggest audiences. This Lab celebrates his art, his work, and his contribution to the American Canon.


“Hungry Wolf”

John Doe / Mark Borden

John Doe shares how a Punk-Folk-Country troubadour learned to connect in the digital.


“The Art of Storytelling. When to tell it? When to sing it?”

John Craigie / Craig Finn

John Craigie talks about where he finds inspiration for his creative process.


“Between The Dark and Light”

Jay Blakesberg

Photographer Jay Blakesberg presents a Grateful Dead slideshow and explains framing, access and life in the gray areas of music.



Jay Sweet / Lucius

Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius talk to Jay Sweet about the different ways collaboration has played an integral part of their careers and the place it holds in music.


“Finding Your Original Voice”

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan talks about helping artists authentically express themselves and how a retreat setting amplifies creativity, focus and safety in community.


“The Exponential Power of Music on Performance”

Shaun White / Rich Roll

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White talks with Rich Roll about his relationship with music, the strangeness of being ultra-competitive and the drive and complexity of fame.


“Comedy for Musicians, But Everyone is Welcome”

Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen talks comedy, music and timing to anyone who will listen.