About Song Summit

Park City Song Summit Story

Park City Song Summit redefines the live music experience. By design, it creates an environment for musicians to share, learn, and recharge their passion for music through community and the power of song while giving fans direct access to artists — exchanging insights and illuminations via intimate panel discussions and inspiration through song.

Unlike other music gatherings, Song Summit is a place to examine the struggles and breakthroughs that artists face on their creative journey.

Over the course of four days in September, Song Summit combines the singer-songwriter format of an MTV Unplugged platform with a MasterClass style of information exchange through Summit Labs. This atmosphere for connection between musician and fan reimagines the idea of playing to a crowd and focuses on sharing and exploring the full spectrum of songwriting and creating music.

Song Summit might not be a “music festival” per se, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be Live Shows. Bands and artists play intimate shows, share stories at Songwriter Rounds, busk on the street, flash jam in surprise locations and perform small and big stage concerts.

Artist Experiences

The Song Summit allows musicians to share their craft and expertise with peers, fans, and leading industry experts. In addition to exchanging insights, history, and learnings, artists play together in intimate settings with each other and/or small audiences. Artists are considered “in-residence” in a gorgeous Park City retreat setting with the intention of informing, resetting, and recharging the songwriting process.

Summit Labs

The key element of Park City Song Summit are Summit Labs — discussions that dissect, illuminate, and interrogate the art and craft of music and songwriting. Summit Labs create an environment of inclusivity that promotes discussion of mental health, substance recovery, representation, and social equity in addition to all things music. Some artists will lead talks on their own while others will work with subject experts.

Summit Labs operate in an open seating format, allowing attendees to freely roam around the venue and pop in and out of various Lab discussions. Each Lab tent has a capacity limit and is based on a first come, first served basis.

Live Shows

Live Shows will take place at exclusive venues on Main Street Park City. The O.P. Rockwell shows are included for all Summit+ and Summit Passholders with individual tickets available per the waitlist depending on availability. Other Live shows are on sale now. These shows feature unique lineups and collaborations that are not to be missed!

Songwriter Rounds

A Park City locals favorite, Songwriters in the Round is an immersive experience where audience will hear the story behind their favorite songs from award-winning songwriters. Rounds occur twice-daily on Thursday, Friday and Saturday — and feature a talented list of national and local songwriters.

More Than Music

Park City Song Summit is committed to bringing awareness to the struggles people in our communities, and in particular the music and creative arts community, face. As our culture increasingly deals with mental health, addiction recovery, and suicide prevention in the post-pandemic era, this focus also resonates with attendees.

Summit Labs provide a platform to discuss and explore inclusivity, mental health, and addiction issues. The event provides a supportive environment that includes sober green room space, guided yoga and meditations, daily 12-step meetings, and craft mocktails.

Song Summit will partner with Park City Community Foundation to support local partners that focus on mental health, addiction recovery and wellness through the foundation’s Mental Wellness Alliance. You can find out more about what we are doing to give back to the community on our More Than Music page.